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My virtual Bookshelf

I’ve noticed that many people are curious about bookshelves. I’m no exception. The first thing I check out at a party is the host’s bookshelf. So I’m not surprised that bookshelves have become a popular background for YouTube videos. A bookshelf is a great opportunity to indirectly illustrate your personality and knowledge. As a student, I would have loved to take a look at the bookshelves of my favorite professors. If I had a bookshelf in my YouTube videos, I would select the following books to put them on display. (Click on the images to get more information on each book)

Language and Mind

Recommended by Simon Greenhill    
  Course reading recommendation by Katharina Spalek  
Source of ideas for my MA thesis   Source of ideas for my BA thesis

Linguistic Theory

Sublime's custom image
Recommended by Kelsie Pattillo   Course reading recommendation by Manfred Krifka

Science as an Adventure

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Your image title Your image title
    Recommended by Hendrik Huthoff
A gift from Kilu von Prince   Recommended by Kilu von Prince



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For Students and Researchers


Inspiring Biographies


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